Decluttering The Kitchen

The kitchen has long been the center of many houses. Just look at the words associated with it: “hearth and home” (with a possible link to the heart), and the word “focus” originally meant “fireplace.” The place where cooking goes on (and often eating and entertaining) is the hub that all the other rooms seem to revolve around. Read more about profesional  house cleaning toronto.

But kitchens are often the scene not of tranquillity, order, and harmony but of chaos and clutter. While dishes aren’t usually piled sky high waiting to be done if we have dishwashers, benches (and cupboards) are often jammed with appliances, gadgets, ornaments, odds and ends, papers, pictures and so on and so on. Sometimes you wonder how on earth people find the space to cook anything. And as for those people who use the kitchen table as a workspace if they work from … Read More