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So, you started a maid service and the phone is ringing, your customers want to know one thing: How Much?

Do you know how to answer “How Much is Maid Service?”, or “How Much is a Cleaning Service Toronto?” Of course you don’t, because you don’t know the size of the residence, the cleanliness of the inhabitants, if they have teenagers, pets, knickknacks, and fleas.

How often do they require cleaning, and does the customer keep on top of it or do they let it go and expect biannual miracles from the maid gene. Will they schedule a time for you to visit the residence or do they “Need a House Cleaning Quote” right now!

Experience is the best teacher, you learn by doing. After enough learning you can get a good idea of the time it takes to do a thorough apartment or house cleaning and leave the customer satisfied and ready for you to return for the next appointment. A checklist for things to consider includes:

  • Size of residence
  • Location
  • Number of inhabitants
  • Age of inhabitants
  • Pets
  • Smoking Status
  • Clutter Factor

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Once you take all the factors into consideration and establish how much time (hours) it takes you to do the job, all you have to do if figure out what your time is worth. Don’t forget you need to include into you time things like:

  • Management
  • Taxes
  • Payroll
  • Supplies
  • Advertising
  • Hiring
  • Training
  • Any outstanding Loans
  • Utilities
  • Insurance

and the list just keeps going on. Unfortunately there is a lot of competition for the work by unskilled workers who don’t understand the value of their service and they will undercut you by advertising on free classifieds sites, word of mouth, and other free advertising. They won’t carry insurance, have no advertising budget, and are used by the penny pinchers.

Finding customers that respect your service, require insurance, and expect a “business” to do a quality job is what you’re looking for. Leave the penny pinchers to the free classified services, they will eventually get what they pay for, or not. Should the help get hurt, they may pay a lot more than they bargained for and certainly a lot more than it would have been if they went with an insured service in the first place.

So, you wanted to know how to price your service right? Well there is no easy answer. A lot of trial and error. What is correct in a big city will not be applicable in at rural setting. The local economy will play a major role, it is growing or shrinking. After many years of estimating I have finally added an online estimator to my website for customers to use. It’s not always 100 percent accurate, but it gives the consumer a good feeling before they ever contact me, so I know that the price isn’t an issue when they do so. If you have set up your own prices and would like a calculator on your site, let me know and I’ll put you in touch with my programmer how can do so for a reasonable fee. If you’re in Austin and need a house cleaning quote, just let us know.

Best wishes and happy bidding; let’s clean up the service industry so we all prosper.