Indonesia has many massage spas located in various areas as it is a popular tourist attraction. If you are interested for a Thai massage in Badung, you will find many types here including Indonesian style massage and Thai style massage. Various methods and techniques are available in special sorts of massage styles including innovative ones as well as traditional Thai massage. The spas in Badung comprise of expert practitioners who come from various places. The practitioners of Thai massage are experts in this field and also come from Thailand itself.  To further evaluate and create a better understanding of Thai massages, it has been differentiated from Indonesian style massage.

Thai style massage origin and techniques:

Thai massage is based upon yoga and Ayurveda techniques with therapeutic demonstrations. It was developed 2500 years ago in the temples of Thailand. The elements of this massage such as Ayurveda techniques and medicine originate from India and is said to be practiced on Buddha by a doctor. After Buddha died, his monks and preachers travelled across Southeast Asia and met Ayurvedic doctors who spread the techniques and art of this massage in to the hands of others. And so this spread eventually to various parts of Asia including Indonesia.

In the process of this massage technique, the therapeutics helps the persona and guides his body with his own body to create various yoga postures and positions. The use of palm and fingers is also very vast and comes with different subtle movements. This traditional massage makes a person very flexible and gives energy.

Thai style massage is an exhilarating experience for the human body that has a light handed and subtle hand movement which leaves the body soothed out and relaxed from all areas. Finger and palm movements in a yoga manner is provided in this style of massage that leaves you feel extremely relaxed and tension free. Sometimes the process is very hard and pressured but at the end it feels very relaxing. Thai massage does not require a person to undress and neither requires oil applying on the body which is perfect if you like staying grease free. It requires you to dress into lose clothing and is a very comfortable style of massage. This massage is a great way of relieving stress, easing tension; it soothes out any muscle aches and releases it from being tensed or tight.

To proceed to its techniques, the massager or therapist uses hands, feet, legs and knees to move your body in rhythm with them and stretch to your fullest. Deep muscle compression, acupressure and joint mobilization are the various techniques applied to the person for bringing out maximum energy and to treat the deficiencies, blockings in muscles and imbalances in the body as well as in health.

Indonesian massage:

Indonesian massage or Balinese massage is a very strong and deep process which is done with firm hands to relax the tissue muscles. It is great for aching muscles Balinese massage is done on the entire body as well as deep tissue and holistic treatment. It involves a mix of soft stretching, acupressure, reflexology, and aromatherapy to circulate blood flow and oxygen around the body and muscles which brings activeness and fresh feeling afterwards; it leaves you relaxed and tension free. The techniques used in Balinese massage come in various methods including skin kneading, skin rolling, stroking and pressure point massage. The massage is done with a variety of aromatic oils and requires a person to undress completely.  If you want to experience different types of massage methods to relax then this type of massage will be the best for you. Tense and aching muscles can be healed through this process.